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Bodypump and Pregnancy - Educational Usage Only!

The following was freely available on the old BTS (USA - Site!) it was there for participants who were pregnant or wanting information about the classes before attending a Les Mills Class.

Participant handout

Pregnancy & BODYPUMP® A guide to safe participation!

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to BODYPUMP®. The information contained within should act as a guide only. It will answer questions you may have about BODYPUMP® and help you safely and comfortably participate throughout the various stages of your pregnancy. It is additional to advice given by your pregnancy doctor or caregiver, and should be discussed with them, should you have any concerns.

Benefits of attending BODYPUMP® during pregnancy!

BODYPUMP® will help you sleep better.
BODYPUMP® will increase your energy.
BODYPUMP® will improve your posture.
BODYPUMP® will increase your muscle tone.
BODYPUMP® will increase your strength and endurance.
BODYPUMP® is a great form of strength training while pregnant, and really helps you maintain good postural alignment and stability.

Pregnancy precautions:

You must seek clearance from your doctor before commencing BODYPUMP®. The guidelines below are general in nature & constant monitoring is recommended.
If cleared, but new to BODYPUMP®, we advise that you participate with care, especially during weeks 11-14. Strive to keep your heart rate below 140bpm (Heart rate monitoring is recommended).

Avoid holding your breath with exertion (valsalva manoeuvre).

Please introduce yourself to the BODYPUMP® Instructor before class. This will ensure options or modifications to exercises can be given to you when necessary.

Widen your stance when standing to widen your base of support for balance.

Do not compress your baby. Avoid lying prone on your abdomen in the cooldown/ stretch phase of the class & avoid lying Supine (face up) for extended periods (2 – 3 minutes).

Assume an optional position such as the Child’s Pose to stretch your back.

Do not increase your weights as a compensation for reduced range of movement.

As your pregnancy progresses, we encourage you to be very cautious & come up off the bench by rolling onto your side and using your upper body strength to push yourself off.

Stay well hydrated, wear comfortable clothes and do not exercise if it is too hot or humid.

You will notice changes in balance as your pregnancy progresses. To help you maintain balance while – stretching on one leg and performing squats or lunges, place the bar on one end and use it as a third leg.

We do not recommend the advanced abdominal work of BODYPUMP®, especially during the third trimester. We suggest alternative exercises such as the Bridge exercise or Supine One Leg Raising.

Please ask your Instructor to demonstrate these.

Most importantly, listen to your body. Go at your own pace and never exercise to exhaustion. Be guided by your own physical needs and responses. Know & understand all the warning signs of when to STOP i.e. feeling very hot, faint, short of breath, palpitations, blurred vision, feeling disorientated, headaches, abdominal pain, cramping, back or pubic pain & seek further medical advice.

Use the Child’s Pose whenever you need to rest. It is a great way to relieve lower back tension and help you relax.

Enjoy your workout & this wonderful time in your life!

Consult your health care provider always before attending any Group Fitness Class!
Copyright © 1994 Les Mills International
Purpose: Edcuational Usage Only!
Under the copyright act of 1968


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